A little rant, okay ? Just blowing off my anger

Hello !   Renxkyoko Iglesias  is here again.

I ‘ve been sick and  bedridden the past 3 days , and have done  nothing but watch TV and  read  a few blogs, and you’d think I’d have time to post something,  but  I felt so weak I  didn’t even   have the energy to think , until today  when news on  the carnage in Paris happened.  This is one topic I can’t let  pass  without saying anything  .

ISIS ……..  I know I am not a war hawk … I  just want  world peace…… but now, I’m taking a hard look  at Pres. Obama’s  Middle East policy.   To be honest,  I want Pres. Obama to be more firm now , not to sound too politically correct, , and just call a spade a spade.  He placates so much  people don’t  know whether he’s coming or going.

  • 5 hours after *
  • I realize it’s not good to say things when a person is angry.  Can a person take back hurtful words  apologize , then expect  everything will be forgotten ? No.  That’s why I had to revise this post  more than a dozen times,  ending up saying nothing.  I need to sleep this off  .


I follow a blogger  who loves to talk about COINCIDENCES.   Coincidenceeeeeeee ! !  Anyways, I posted  a picture of moi  in Paris on my last post, and I also said my Paris tour post  wasn’t finished yet, and promised to get it done soon. And then , this horrible incident happened. Coincidenceeeeeeee !


I ‘m still trying to figure out how to move complete files from Pictures to One Drive.  Right now, I can only move one picture , one at a time, out of thousands.

Anyway, I wish I could write down what I’m thinking at this very moment.  But if I did, I’m sure I’d regret it. My 2 close and dear friends at work are Muslims and they are the nicest people on earth.  I go to work tomorrow….. and I’m sure  J will be crying to me again. ”  Ren,  these terrorists are making my life  so stressful and scary. ”  She came from Afghanistan, and came here to the US to  marry her first cousin.  She didn’t want  to because she had a boyfriend  , but  marrying her cousin ( her father’s nephew) was the only way to get out  of a miserable future.  Her father’s being targeted by the Taliban because he works for the Americans, as a clerk.  Her story is very colorful  and interesting , and worth talking about in the future.  Like, one time , her husband  told her  they’d go shopping for clothes.  So , she dressed up and when she came out of the room, her  husband  staggered back ,  startled  to see her wearing a burqa, all covered from head to foot. .

  • sigh *
  •  I don’t even know how this  nasty war  started. Bush and his cohorts  lied to the Americans .  There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq,  and there were no Iraqis  who committed the heinous 9/11.  There were no Afghans , either. Classic irony.    I admit     Saddam Hussein, and the Talibans were nasty people. But  they were their country’s  problems, not the Americans’.  We simply cannot impose our way of life on the Talibans.  We wear mini skirts  and bikinis, they wear burqas.  That’s the way they like it. * shrugs shoulders *   Let them be.

I wonder if  the US policy will change.  News coming out of France  are dire. ”  Time to raze Raqqa . ” (  capital of ISIS ? … as if they have a country )  The mood right now is the French don’t care anymore about collateral damage.  French President Hollande has declared an all out war against  ISIS.  The more tragic consequence of this is the serious and dangerous wedge that’s been created between  non- Muslims and  Muslim population . More innocent people wll be killed.  I don’t see the end in this vicious circle.

This is why I detest  religious Fundamentalists , of any religion.  I just watched a video of this ” Christian ” pastor named Steven Swanson who visciously ranted  about ROUNDING UP ALL THE HOMOSEXUALS  AND KILLING THEM. The virulent rant was uttered at an event organized for  Republican presidential aspirants Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Bobby Jindal.  If your a Christian who feels the same way as Pastor Steven Swanson, vote for any of these 3 candidates.

Aaaargh.  I’m getting angry again.  I better stop here before I say something  that will offend my dear , lovely readers.  Peace ! !  Peace !  Peace !

Have a lovely day.

An Announcement fr Ren and Windows 10, What the heck ! !

Hello ! Renxkyoko Iglesias here.

No excuses.  I blog only when I feel like it.

So, I have finally  decided to have another blogsite that is devoted to animes, mangas, and video games, and maybe some movie reviews.  I’m sure you’re right now thinking, ” what the heck, Ren,  why make a new  one when you can’t even update your old one .”   The reason is demographics, my dear readers.  Out of  * looks at my current number of followers * about 1300 followers, only a handful share my love for animes, mangas, and video games. Who would be interested to know  that  a ) I played  Persona 3 FES  for an embarrassing 1,000 hours, ( not that I was the lamest player ever… I just made my character  and my allies , all 9 of them at 100 % strength ), and bawled my eyes out at the end of the game  b )  Kou  of Ao Haru Ride is a first class jerk and does not deserve Futaba’s love  c ) much as I love the anime  Inuyasha, I dislike the main character Inuyasha who is a wavering , two-timing scoundrel  and should have been dumped by Kagome  d)  Kimi ni Todoke’s live action adaptation of this popular manga is one of the  worst , ever …….  the acting of the actress who plays  Sawako,the main female character is unbelievably bad…… what was the director thinking ? e ) the anime adaptation of  the manga The Wallflower …. what can I say ? Did I just mention Kimi ni Todoke  live action was ONE of the worst ?  Well, the anime The Wallflower is THE worst.

So, that’s it. This is the kind of stuff   you’ll read on my new blogsite, if you’re interested.


I ‘m wondering……. may I know if anyone of you has a problem with Windows Update. Mine is currently Windows 8.1,  but my freaking computer is being forced to automatically update to Windows 10, and every time  it does, it fails , and it messes up my computer, BIG TIME ! !  I cannot log in, and , it seems the only solution is to REFRESH PC,  but then, it deletes some important files, like NORTON , my Internet security .  Then I contact  Norton  to put it back, Norton uninstalls McAfee, reinstalls Norton (  I pay $ 75 /year ),  Windows again updates (  the only options I have to log off are  1. Sleep  2. Update , then Shut Down 3. Update then Restart   ) , then, when I turn on the computer, I see ” Windows Update fails”, and , guess what, REFRESH  PC again,  Norton disappears, McAfee reappears, I contact Norton again. It feels like it’s a cat and mouse game. Do you know how many time I contacted Norton ? 4x , just this week. WTFudge, Windows ?  You, too, McAfee  ! !BOOOO ! !


I can’t stand this anymore. Somebody, please help .

* whispers *   I hope VP Joe Biden doesn’t do the  Ralph Nader thing, because that’s exactly what he ‘ ll become , if he decides to enter the Democratic Party’s Primary. Bernie Sanders’  progressive  left supporters are solidly behind him,  whereas Joe Biden will get a significant chunk off Hillary Clinton’s block of voters. Don’t think that I’m blindly following Hillary because she ‘s a woman, and I want a woman president , at least once in my lifetime. I ‘ve paid close attention to both sides, and at first, I thought it wouldn’t matter to me who got the nomination, I’d vote for a Democrat, anyway, but then, it hit me….  I do have some issues with Bernie Sanders’ policies. First, he’s long on   bombastic  declarations, but short on how he’s going to realistically implement them.  Don’t ask me what my issues are. I’m not going to tell , not yet, anyway.

Okay, this is all for now.

Oh, by the way,  believe it or not, I’m not done with my European tour yet…. and my Philippine vacation. What’s preventing me from writing about my travels   is that I’m having a hard time posting pictures. Travel posts without pictures ? Not gonna happen.


Bye for now.  And hey, thanks for reading.



Hi, RenxKyoko  Iglesias here, Thinking Out Loud.

It’s been awhile, huh.  I’ve got so many things on my mind, actually, but most of them are not worth writing about.  But, this is my blog, right ?  I can write just about anything  . So, let’s see where my thoughts will take me.

Okay…….  if you bought a plane ticket, be sure to get on that plane at scheduled time. I’m talking about  US domestic plane , particularly budget fares,  and specifically  Jet Blue’s . Do you remember my best friend’s cancelled wedding ?  Well, I wanted to cancel my flight too, but I couldn’t get a refund . Oh, yes,  I can, they say, but there’s penalty  on  the cancelled flight.  How much, I asked . $ 267 out of  $ 287.  In other words,  I get a $ 20 refund.  So I decided I might as well use my scheduled 4 – day vacation,  and fly to Long Beach, California. Good thing my brother lives there. But  then,  his girlfriend was out of town, bro was at work, and I was left alone at his apartment. No problem, though.  His apartment was just a 10 minute walk to the beach, and there were plenty of cool places to visit in the neighborhood.  I took lots of photos, but I can’t post them here  at the moment.  I think I need to buy this Premium plan   being offered by WordPress.  I even got a Notification  from them that it was time to buy the Plan.

About my friend’s ex- fiancé….  he’s not a Captain, he’s just a regular police officer. And do you know how my friend discovered he had a wife and kid ? From his health insurance plan, that’s how.  My friend and I met up a week ago and she seemed okay. This reminds me  of what one character said in one Philippine movie that I watched a few weeks ago. He’s comforting the main female character who just got cheated on by her BF  of 7 years.  He says ” you can fall in love again, but you can never fall in love the same way twice. ”  Sheesh.  I just love that movie. Oh, by the way, I’ve been watching Philippine movies to learn the language  and culture.  The problem now is I’ve started fangirling.  This movie is titled ” The Thing Called  Tadhana ( Fate ). It’s a romantic comedy, and it’s hilarious.  I watched it on YouTube, , and yesterday, I wanted to watch it again, but I think YouTube yanked it out. If you  have Netflix, there’s another  Philippine  movie that I got to watch.  The title is THE ROAD.  I think that’s the one and only Philippine movie on Netflix. That’s unfortunate.  There are millions of Filipinos here in the US  who maybe interested, and at the same time help  the Philippine movie industry. Did I say I was fangirling ? Yes, I am. . I love the romantic tandem of Nadine Lustre and James Reid. Bahahaha.  * Seriously, Ren, get a life. *

By the way,  when I clicked Save Draft, I got this message….. ”  An error occurred while saving the post……. user cannot edit the post. ”   What the heck is going on, WordPress ?  Now that I’m finally on a roll, you do this to me.

Oh, by the way,  I just entered the 3rd or 4th phase of my life. This  is life – changing………. but then, every little thing that happens to us  is life-changing, isn’t it ?  I just  hope   any screw -up  that happens to me from now on is  due to my   choices, mine and mine alone, and  not due  to government decisions and some politicians’  stupidities.  Why do I say that ?  Well,  the university had to drastically cut the  number of classes and this  messed up my schedule.  So, why blame the government ?  The state funds the university……. no funding, no classes. Can  you imagine  having just one open  Chemistry class for  all Chem majors, Microbiology, BioChem students. ?  And that one class is a prerequisite  for all my major courses !  My situation was so bad  there was a time  I only had 3 classes, one of which was Ballroom Dancing.  What a pain.

Well, okay. Less classes , more time, more work, more  money, and at least, I learned how to dance the Foxtrot.

Oh, dang it !   Hillary  Clinton ! !  C’mon, move it, move it, move it ! ! !


I notice every time  I  go  political,  I lose a dozen or so followers.  I swear, every time .  But, I can’t  always keep keep my political preference  hidden, right ?  OOh, and thank goodness for  comment  moderation.  A few weeks ago,  some asshole posted a comment on an old post where I  said I was neutral on GMO’s.  Rice  that had been genetically modified  in the ’60”s had prevented widespread hunger in SouthEast Asia. High yielding  rice was developed  at IRRI ( International Rice Research Institute ) in the Philippines in early 60s. I did  write , ” it’s been 50 years, but , as far as I know, , Asians did not grow 2 heads.  This commenter said, ” No , they did not, but unfortunately for you, you don’t even have one. For a microbiologist , you’re stupid, what kind of US education did you get  that you do not know GMOs are an abomination?”     X_X   How  do I respond to that ?  I’m sure this commenter  also  thinks vaccines cause autism.   +++  The problem with people like  this commenter is it’s difficult to have a decent conversation with them without  resorting to name- calling.  If this commenter is reading this, I would like him/her to know  I wish him/her success.  Meanwhile, I’ll still buy that 5 – lb bag of GMO potatoes for $2.57, instead of those 4 pieces of organic potatoes for $ 2. 79. I’m not a climate denier. I wish this commenter could also work on getting solar power companies to lower the cost of their products. We just had a solar water heater installed  for $ 6,000.00

This is it for now. I better end this before I say something I would regret later.


I’m ranting, oh, yeah !

Hi ! RenxKyoko Iglesias here.

So, my last post was on April 26.  That was exactly  2 months ago.  ( Right, , Captain Obvious).  Now   I won’t give an excuse like I’ve been busy, yadiya, but I do feel I’m starting to lose my muse………. oh, alright, I’ve been busy. I’m putting in at least 10 hours of work everyday, from Monday to Sunday.  I have 2 jobs, you know.  Plus, all my free time is spent watching Netflix, mostly TV series that I never had time to watch when they were on, such as Poirot, Midsomer Murders, Fringe, Medium, 100s, etc., and animes such as Hunter x Hunter,( 100 episodes at 25 minutes per episode  )  Moribito,  and currently Inuyasha , which ends at 193 episode … I finished the whole dang thing  yesterday, at 3 AM. Well, after work is the only time I have, so don’t judge. . I can’t multi task when I watch animes.  They are in Japanese, so I’m  pretty much stuck in the couch reading the English subtitles. About  InuYasha…. it is  addicting. I love all the characters, except, believe it or not, the main character, InuYasha.  He’s a freakin’ moron,  indecisive, and a two-timing scoundrel. I dislike him so much that I feel I just wasted 85 hours of my life watching this character  being   a stupid/ idiot.  Die, InuYasha ! Other than that , the anime is one great fantasy/action/thriller  story.

So, if you’re so busy doing your thing, Ren, why are you posting now ? Well,  something happened a few days ago that made the wheel in my head churning again . My best friend “O” is supposed to get married on July 10, in Southern California ( I live in Northern California ), and I’m a ” witness”  in her court wedding. ( not church wedding ) I already bought my plane ticket, and arranged sleeping accomodations (  lucky to have my brother living there ) …….then 2 days ago, I received a text from O that the wedding was cancelled, permanently.  According to her, her ” fiancé”  has been living a double life  ( they’ve been living together for 2 years ) ,  is actually married, and has a child.  I was dumbfounded.  I hung out with her at their apartment, playing video games (  we’re not even done yet with Resident Evil, we both suck at it ), and yeah, the ” fiancé” was always there. And he was nice.  What the heck.  No wonder he wanted to hold the wedding at a place 600 miles from our city….. I wondered about that…… now I know.  So, when exactly does he plan to drop the bomb before he commits BIGAMY ?  What’s even more mortifying is the fact that  this guy is a police officer ,and a Captain , at that.  My best friend is also a police officer, by the way.  Dang it.  It felt like my own stomach  got  punched, so I cannot even imagine what she’s feeling now.  I don’t know what I can do to make her feel  better, besides trashing and badmouthing  him to death. That scumbag.  I’m not generalizing, folks, but seriously, we women always get the short end of the stick….. my friend and yeah, his wife, too. Worse for his wife, to be honest.  Aaargh !  Oh, man . The heck !

This reminds me of another break- up, but this time, the douchebag is my guy cousin.  He and his fiancée were about to get married….. church schedule already set,  wedding invitations, check, wedding dress, check.  So what happened ? My cousin had a co-worker who had a humungous crush on him since forever.  The woman invited him one day to dinner after work as farewell gift and according to him, a closure on her love. ( my cousin was aware she liked him. ) He obliged….. the problem was, they had drinks too many, and I assume, the woman was desperate, and men being men,  he got her pregnant.   Was the wedding cancelled ? Yes.  Did he marry the pregnant woman, ? No. Though he was threatened with a shotgun wedding by the woman’s family,  he still refused,   ( he consulted  with my  aunt …* my aunt is a judge* ,  regarding legal matters, like , was he legally obliged to marry her, and so forth ) Last news about him was, he and his ex bride got back together, not married yet,  and  he is supporting his child )  .  I met him for the first time at a family reunion when we were in the Philippines last year.  I almost told him, ” hey doosh, how’s it goin’? ”

* sigh *

Be brave and strong, sisters.

That’s all.  Rant over.



Fun Vacation in the Philippines, Part 5

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DUI ( Driving Under the Influence )

Oh, my Gosh ! Newsflash !

I just got back from Police HQ.  I got a call from my brother in law to pick him up somewhere at 2 AM.  My sister is in jail for DUI.  So we went there , and saw my sister crying like a baby.  Both my BIL and sister were drunk, but sis insisted on driving because BIL  had a DUI already.   BIL didn’t want my father to know what happened. Anyway, Sister will stay at the police headquarteres for 8 hours.  We will pick her up at 10 AM, today.   I couldn’t ask my BIL if my sister was handcuffed.  I’m sure she’d freak out  and maybe think her future is now ruined.  Ha ! May that be a lesson to her.

What an idiot couple !

My Random Thoughts, One More Time

Hi ! Renxkyoko Iglesias here !

So, okay, this post is about my vacation in the Philippines.  But, first, I’d like to write down a few things  swirling on my mind at the moment, and let’s see where this post  goes..

Firstly, the Republican Party’s scorch earth policy has been  pissing me off  from the time  this party invited Israel’s Natenyahu to speak before the US Congress without informing the White House. This was a total breach of protocol and disrespect for the US  Executive office.  But , what do we expect from these  people ?  They don’t even believe  Pres. Obama is an American. Then more than a week ago, 47 US Republican Senators sent a letter to the Ayallatolahs in Iran, telling them  the talks and on-going negotiations  between Iran and the US  ( and  5  others…. Russia, China, Great Britain,  Germany and France) are useless pieces of  documents, thereby scuttlling and undermining the integrity  of the US  negotiators..  Under Logan’s Law, that is treason.   They will burn the whole  country down to spite the Black man currently residing at the White House. It’s mind- blowing.

And, Netanyahu has won the election in Israel, and has  proclaimed to the world a state of Palestine  would  not happen under his watch.  Well, good luck on  that, Sir.

” Uhm, Ren, are you actually anti- Israel ? ”

Believe it or not, there’s Jewish blood flowing in my veins.  My great, great, great , great  grandparents were Spanish Jews, and though they later converted to Catholicism, this little info had been passed on from one generation to another, finally to my mother and her siblings, then to us.  ( lest we forget).  Another thing, my brother-in-law, my sister’s husband, is a Jew.  That’s the magical  asterisk  in my family’s already colorful history.

How colorful ?  Well,   a  great grandfather  was a rebel  who was  arrested and incarcerated in a dungeon at Fort Santiago, and later, his house was turned into a museum to honor him…… another  greatgrandad, a rebel, managed to escape to HongKong  before the American  colonists  came to arrest him, and no, he wasn’t a homeless  19 year old bum all the time he was on exile……. he was a student boarder at St. Joseph’s College and studied there for 4 years.  It still  exists, and surprisingly, it is considered the most elite boys school ,most revered  and best school  in  HongKong to this day.  ( According to Wiki )  How his father sent out the money  to HongKong was pretty interesting, but the American authorities  knew about it apparently. They, in fact, had arranged for him to return to the Philippines, and appointed  him Governor  of the province ( won’t mention the name of the province) for many, many years . It seems I’m bragging. Well, I guess  I am. They fought for independence, after all.  The other greatgranddad’s story was better , though. What happened to him was  in their history books.  That’s something to brag about. The other one? I don’t know.  Maybe he had fun in Hongkong. Still…. it was kind of  sad to be away from family for 4 years. I’ m  not diminishing what he had done for the cause. He was just lucky to have a family with the means to keep him out of the dungeons.   Oh, but he had a town named after him. :0  It went well for him, too..

Fort Santiago entrance





Tjhe dungeons……


Great grandpa’s  photo, the Governor, middle , left  ( interesting moustache )  I love to look at old photos…  fascinating  stuff.


So, okay, where was I ?

Going back to the question, am I anti- Israel ?  No freaking way. But, we do seek pathways to peace , whatever they are, wherever they maybe.  I believe , and the whole world, for that matter, believe  that statehood for Palestine , is one pathway.

And what do I think of these terrorists ?  It cannot be published. omgcursezasfdgytmdie !

The problem here is,  who am I to rant , proselytize, be holier than thou ?  The US is not  lily white , either. Racism  is  alive and kicking.  ”  Wrong ” skin color can get one killed.

I guess this post went nowhere…. as expected of  yours truly.  ^_^ ”   Fun vacation, my foot.  My thoughts just took off and went all over the place, except the place where they were supposed to go.

This  is all for now.  Fun vacation post next  time maybe ?

Thanks for reading , folks. PEACE !





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